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Smiles Look Their Best With Cosmetic Treatment

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Summer is when people are at their most social. And when we are out and about, being more active and more social, we want to be able to flash a beautiful smile when we laugh or feel happy.

A beautiful smile is a wonderful asset, both personally and professionally. It radiates health, happiness, personality and warmth. A...

Robotics Use in Spinal Surgery Enhances Accuracy

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The use of robotics in the medical field has been gaining ground over the last 10 years. In particular, in spine surgery, its greatest use at present seems to be the application of screws. Traditionally, they have been placed via an open-handed technique in which a surgeon will rely on his knowledge of anatomy and the appearance of the vertebral bones as they lie on the operating room table to attempt to accurately place screws. This is very common, particularly for fusion surgery. In addition, the use of fluoroscopic or x-ray helps guide the accuracy of screw placement. However, despite best attempts, accuracy often suffers and some studies show that up to five percent of screws placed...

Breaking the Bank for Life Insurance: Is It Worth It?

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You’re smart, and don’t like to pay for something you don’t benefit from. So why purchase a life insurance policy that will cost you more than the cheap term policies you see advertised all over?

In most cases, there is very good reason to do so. With many of the higher-cost policies, you can enjoy much of the benefits now rather than later. Life insurance options pertain to a whole range of products beyond just legacy planning, ones that suit the contemporary lifestyle. They can be used as a de facto investment account to send children to college, marry them off or just be there for a rainy day.

Welcome to the world of “whole life insurance” policies. These policies combine...

Touro Professor Invents New Medical Device to Help Millions

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College of Pharmacy’s Zvi Loewy creates “all in one” system for diabetics

Professor Zvi Loewy, who heads the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences at Touro College of Pharmacy and has served as VP of Research at two major pharmaceutical companies, invented the first “all in one” system to help diabetics measure glucose levels. This innovative medical device just received approval from the Food and Drug Administration and will soon be hitting the market. Touro Talk caught up with Prof. Loewy to learn more about this exciting development.

First of all, congratulations, Professor Loewy. Can you explain how this new device works and how it’s different from...

Summertime Is AGE Time

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Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) is a seasonal disease with peaks in the summer, when it is caused by a family of viruses known as the enteroviruses, and the winter, when it is caused by either rotavirus or Norwalk-like viruses. The hallmarks of gastroenteritis are, you probably guessed it already, vomiting and diarrhea. The vomiting and diarrhea are often accompanied by fever, and about 10 percent of cases of rotavirus-induced AGE are accompanied by an ear infection. In diarrhea caused by viral infections, blood is relatively uncommon, whereas in diarrhea caused by the bacteria Salmonella and Shigella blood is expected. This is why your pediatrician will often ask if you have noticed any...
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