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Israel’s President Rivlin Expresses Strong Support for Recently Launched Jerusalem Unity Prize

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Jerusalem—Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin has expressed support for the recent launch of the Jerusalem Unity Prize in Memory of Eyal, Gil-ad, and Naftali in a ceremony attended by the families of the three boys and Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat, who has been the main initiator behind the prize. It was conceived in...

Supplies Needed for the Heroes in Givati Tzabar

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Raanana—Of the five brigades that form the Israeli Defense Forces’ infantry corps, Givati is unique in its openness and diversity. Soldiers from all different kinds of backgrounds, including olim, lone soliders, and ethnic minorities enlist together in this brigade, which serves as Israel’s Marine Corps. Once the purple kumta (beret) is donned, and soldiers begin marching together to cries of “Mi Sheh Chalam Givati” (“Those who dreamt Givati”), barriers begin to fade and the very different fighters become one.

One of the ways that Tazbar encourages this unity is by ensuring that all soldiers are treated exactly the same, without regard to background or nationality. As a...


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Last Friday, Rabbi Barry Freundel, 63, charged with misdemeanor voyeurism went to D.C. Superior Court to face his charges, and was faced with demonstrators carrying signs that read “#SAFEMIKVEH” and “#NoPleaDeal.”

One protestor was a woman who was in the process of converting and was asked to take a practice dunk. “I’m concerned I was one of the victims, and I’m no longer in the Orthodox conversion process,” she said. “It was so shocking.”

Prosecutors have asked for additional time to find more victims. A civil class action suit was filed on behalf of 100 women who believe they were secretly recorded. Freundel and all the lawyers will be back in court on Feb...

New Daily Tanach Project Fast-Tracks Bible Study

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Jerusalem–“Torah and the Land of Israel were said in a single utterance. They are two inseparable companions.” These words, written by Rabbi Yissachar Teichtel in opening to his landmark Religious Zionist work Em Habanim Semecha, describe the quintessential connection between Israel and Judaism, one which is much deeper than its standing as the Jewish State. When one lives in Israel, Torah comes to life.

To celebrate this connection, a new initiative was recently launched called the “929 Project.” Its goal is to unite Jews around the world in their study of Torah by learning a chapter together each day in order to finish all 26 books (totaling 929 chapters) of Tanach (the...

Solidarity with Israel’s Front Line

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The beautiful photo montage on the invitation to Sderot’s “Solidarity Celebration” on Nov. 19 at the Meadowlands Hilton tells the moving story of this past summer: from the tragedy of three noble families which ignited a wave of Jewish love and solidarity throughout the world, the attacks on Israel, the solidarity missions, the great work of the IDF, the pizza, the food, the service of Sderot Hesder Yeshiva to both the community and the IDF and finally the return to the routine of Torah study spreading light and hope, symbolized by the yeshiva’s famous Kassam Rocket Menorah.

Can each and every one of us truly return to his daily routine? Can we ignore the fact that every Kassam...
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