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Torn Israeli Flag Incident Investigated at FDU

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Teaneck—A flag of Israel, ripped down the middle, fluttered above the heads of two Israeli students, one formerly in special combat forces in the IDF, on the evening of March 24 as they walked into Jeepers, a student eatery on the Teaneck campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University. Though there are flags of many countries...

The Questions of Passover

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We are about to celebrate the holiday of many, many questions. Why is this night different from every other night? I will tell you. Because if you are nuts like me, you have been preparing for it for the last four to six weeks. If you are nuts like me, you have been going from store to store finding the cheapest price on tuna fish (88 cents per can at Shoprite limit four per variety, but whoever buys the tuna in oil?). You only buy the Kosher for Passover Coke and Diet Coke when it is five for $5 and you shlep to Monsey to save 50 cents per bottle on orange soda.

You read every circular from every supermarket and circle the products that have the best deals. If you are nuts like me...

A Modern Dayenu

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If I only had to get my nails done, dayenu

If I only had to get my sheitel blown, dayenu

If I only had to clean the car, dayenu

If I only had to shop and pay for new shirts and shoes for the kids, dayenu

If I only had to clean my house, dayenu

If I only had to clean my office and four handbags, dayenu

If I only had to get a shankbone, lettuce, horseradish, make charoses and peel 20 eggs, dayenu

If I only had to plan eight three-course meals, dayenu

If I only had to make a guest list and shopping list, dayenu

If I only had to cook, serve, and clean up after eight three-course meals, dayenu

If I only had to serve some of these meals at midnight, dayenu

If I only had to listen to...

Choosing Your Cups Wisely: A Few Guidelines for Selecting Wines for the Seder

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A few days ago I was invited to a wine tasting featuring the kosher wines of Domanie Roses Camille and Chateau la Clide, which are some of the best—and most expensive—kosher Bordeaux wines available. The tasting was run by Andrew Breskin, the wines’ importer. Towards the end of the tasting, one of the other participants asked Breskin what wine he would be serving at his seder, and he responded, “Bartenura Malvasia” (which is a sweet, light-red-colored wine, which has 5.5 percent alcohol and retails for about $12). While some at the tasting were shocked, I could only compliment his choice.

Selecting the appropriate wines for a seder poses some unique challenges that go far...

Elijah’s Journey: A Pesach Seder Supplement

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To be read at the seder, when the door is opened for Elijah:

Tonight we reflect on Eliyahu HaNavi, Elijah the Prophet. Tonight we dream of Elijah visiting our Seder; not to eat — but to serve as the precursor to the Messiah.

On Pesach, we pray for the Messianic Age — a time when humanity will live in shalom, peace, that is not only physical, but also spiritual. We seek peace that is not only external, but spiritual as well.

Thousands of years ago, Elijah was in crisis. He was tormented by unfulfilled dreams and dashed expectations. Jezebel, wife of King Ahab, threatened him with death and Elijah saw no future for himself. He was alone and lonely. He was in despair. And, he cried to...
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